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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools



Instructional Access Form for Students

School: Miller Grove High School 

Teacher: Ms. Nakema Price

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 678-827-5848


Listed below are the main instructional platforms that will be used for Virtual Learning in US History for the 2020-2021 school year. The information provided will assist with access credentials to navigate the various platforms.


The main platforms for Virtual Learning in US History will be VERGE and Microsoft Teams.  VERGE will be used for daily communication of learning assignments and teacher/student feedback.  Microsoft Teams will be used for LIVE (synchronous) learning sessions, conferences, and instructional activities. 


Virtual Learning Technical Support Request Link - DCSD Technical Support

Help Desk: 678-676-1188


Note:  For instructional resources not available through Launchpad, technical support will be available through the local school or vendor.

Instructional Resources for 2020-2021


Platform:  Verge


Access Credentials:  Students can login using DCSD Launchpad


Platform:   Microsoft Teams


1st Period: Live Session Link


2nd Period: Live Session Link


3rd Period: Live Session Link


Extended Learning Time & Tutorial:

Code:  epikr5t


Additional Resources

Platform:  Remind App



Access Credentials:

1st Period: c62c37


2nd Period: 373ah4


3rd Period: hg9c29


Platform:  Illuminate (Will be used for Testing Purposes)

Link:  DCSD Launchpad


Access Credentials:  Email classroom teacher



Platform:  Flipgrid (Video Blogs)


1st Period:


2nd Period:


3rd Period:


How do I log into Launchpad from a Personal Device to Access Verge? 


Method 1 (Personal Device):

  1. Go to the following URL:
  2. Click on the words Login with Active Directory
  3. Username is your DCSD issued student number
  4. Password (Grades 6 – 12): Students in grade 6 – 12 must log into a DCSD student computer to set their password. The default password is dekalb00. The student will be prompted to change password which will take about 15 minutes to communicate to the appropriate systems.
  5. Click Sign IN
  6. The LAUNCHPAD portal screen should appear. 
  7. Locate and Click on the VERGE icon 

Method 2 (Personal Device):

  1.  Go to the website
  2. Scroll down the home to locate the LAUNCHPAD ICON
  3. Click on the icon and you are now logged in to access resources
  4. Locate and Click on the VERGE Icon

Method 3 (Chromebook - School Issued Device):

  1. Locate LAUNCHPAD Icon on your Desktop
  2. Click on the Icon and you are now logged in to access resources
  3. Locate and Click on the Verge Icon

Instructional Link: