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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools

Work-Based Learning

**provides paid or unpaid work experience**
**promotes a partnership between education and industry**
**integrates academic and technical instruction**
   Work-Based Learning placements represent the pinnacle of the Career-Related Education experience. To qualify for a WBL placement, a student must be in grades 11 or 12 and at least 16 years old. Students must also have a defined Career Pathway in order to participate in a Work-Based Learning placement. This is especially important for successful completion of a student’s pathway in that their job placement is directly related to the curriculum of the pathway classes they have completed or in which they are concurrently enrolled. There are several opportunities for students to participate in work-based learning. These opportunities include employability skill development, Cooperative Education, Internship, Youth Apprenticeship, and Clinical Experiences.

Coordinator Contact

Derrick Lewis, Ed.S

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