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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools






STANDARD: CCAE-1-6: The students will use various methods and tools to improve studying, test-test taking, listening and note-taking skills, organizational structures and time management skills.


  • Study Skills or study strategies are approaches applied to learning.  They are generally critical to success in school. They are considered essential for acquiring grades and useful for learning throughout one’s life.


  • Study Skills helps one understand examination techniques and effective study strategies.


  • FYI most students fail in examinations simply because they lack study skills and or examination taking techniques.


  • Remember: Study skills are an array of skills which tackle the process of organizing and taking in new information,retaining information or dealing with assessments.  They include mnemonics which aid the retention of lists of information; effective reading, concentration techniques and efficient note taking.


Any skill which boosts a person’s ability to study and pass exams can be termed a study skill and this could include time management and motivational techniques.


Study skills are discrete techniques that can be learned, usually in a short time and applied to all or most fields of study.   They must therefore be distinguished from strategies that are specific to a particular field of study e.g. music or technology and from abilities inherent in the student, such as aspects of intelligence or learning styles.


  • Compare and contrast and poor study habits
  • Demonstrate the use of study aids (flash cards, cover card, audio tape and post a list etc..)
  • Identify ways to improve memory
  • Identify effective test-taking skills
  • Discuss techniques for studying various subjects
  • Increase active listening skills
  • Identify the basic steps to taking good notes.
  • Demonstrate note taking from lectures and visual aids
  • Distinguish the main idea and important details in an article.
  • Demonstrate note-taking techniques (outlining, summarizing, diagramming and timeline)
  • Learn how to paraphrase, summarize and quote.