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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher

Dr.  Sherrie C. Bohler is from Jacksonville, North Carolina.                        

Colleges Attended.: Wake Forest University, Eastern Kentucky University, Cambridge College, Lincoln Memorial University, and The International Graduate Center.

Dr. Bohler has been teaching in Dekalb County School District for 27 years.  She has been a member of the Miller Grove High School Faculty for 10 years.  As a proud member of the MGHS Faculty,  she teaches the following Career, Technology, Agriculture and Education (CTAE) Courses:  Early Childhood Care and Education I, II, and III(Practicum).  Dr. Bohler also teaches Teaching As a Profession which includes:  Examining the Teaching Profession, Contemporary Issues in Education, and Teaching As a Profession III(Practicum).  In addition, she teaches Marketing:  Marketing Principles, Intro. to Fashion Marketing, and Advanced Fashion Marketing.  For More Information  on any subject go to the Courses Window.

Sponsors:  Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)   
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Contact:  Ofiice #  678-875-1280
                     Cell#  470-344-6563
                   Email:  [email protected]         

Virtual Office Hours:  M, T, Th, and Fri.  11:45am- 12:15pm  and  2:00pm-3:45pm  Daily
   Wednesdays:  By appointment Only