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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools

Meet the Instructor

I am Ms. Akilah Hill.  
I am a preacher's kid, a mother of three, and a mentor to many.  
I have been effectively teaching chemistry for 24 years in affluent schools, alternative school, and several Title-I schools in Georgia and North Carolina.  
I graduated from Elon University with my B.S. in Chemistry.  I am gifted certified and love the career I chose.  I am an ordained minister and an international missionary (in SA x6). I prefer to work with teenagers because I believe they deserve attention, desire structure, and are often misunderstood.  

My mission is to motivate each student to surpass what they think are their limits.  I want to teach them to be goal oriented and to help them acquire and improve on skills that will be beneficial to them throughout life.   I want to help my students to become shining examples of respectful, dedicated, honorable human beings with character and high self-esteem. As I model those traits for my students, I hope to instill in them a sense of responsibility to themselves, their families, their community, their school and their country.