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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools



Color Guard
The Color Guard is among the most prestigious teams on campus. This team can be seen at events such as football games, basketball games, community events, and other special events. These cadets are held to a higher standard of excellence than other cadets. The Color Guard varies in size with usually at least four cadets. It is made up of the two color guards and a various number of color bearers. The cadet who bears the national color commands the whole Color Guard. This cadet gives the commands that are necessary in moving the Color Guard and rendering of honors. All other color bearers are positioned to the left of the national color bearer.
Drill Team
The Drill Team is an exciting extension of the discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills learned in class. The team performs at all the JROTC ceremonies and inspections. Teams can be male, female, or mixed. When they participate in local competition, they confer as much pride on their school as varsity team sports. JROTC drill teams are considered an excellent means to creating appropriate attention, publicity, and interest in the JROTC program and for maintaining a high state of morale All cadets are eligible for the drill team provided they are:
1) Outstanding cadets in JROTC
2) Willing and able to attend practice sessions before school
3) Approved by the SAI and AI
Raider Team
The Raider Team is a special team that provides more opportunities to cadet's physical conditioning and leadership development than are normally taught in the LET portion of the JROTC curriculum and it allows cadets to participate in the field portion of the Army.
The Raider Team trains and competes in the following criteria:

1) Physical Fitness Tests (PT)
2) First-Aid
3) Land Navigation
4) Rope Bridge