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JROTC Command

JROTC Chain of Command

Staff Duties
The Executive Officer is the commander’s primary assistance. Principal duties include coordinating staff actions, assigning responsibilities, transmitting the commander’s decisions to the staff. He may preside over all promotion boards, cadet of the month/year boards, and other special projects as determined by the commander.

The S-1 is the Administrative Officer. He conducts the monthly cadet records, manages the upkeep of promotions, duties, and necessary data on the JUMS (Cadet Record System). He establishes cadet of the month/year boards.

The S-2 is the Battalion Security Officer. He conducts the monthly sensitive items inventory, maintains the battalion key control log and ensures the JROTC buildings are marked outside with the appropriate emergency phone numbers and addresses of the SAI/AI.

The S-3 is the Battalion Operations and Training Officer. He coordinates the training and all activities of the battalion. He prepares the weekly schedule after coordination with the battalion commander, company commanders, and appropriate cadre instructors. He must coordinates with all special activities, i.e., drill team, rifle team, color guard, to ensure conflicts don’t occur. He is also the battalion’s Risk Assessment Officer and must ensure each training experience is evaluated for potential risks.

The S-4 is the battalion Supply Officer and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising the operations of supply and transportation in support of cadet training activities. The S-4 issues, replaces, and turns-in items of clothing of battalion personnel. He maintains an adequate storage of expendable supplies and requests re-supply after coordination with the Army Instructor. When the S-1 has determined that a cadet is eligible for a ribbon, medal, or accouterment, the S-4 is responsible for issue. The S-4 is responsible for MRE’s/meals requisition and distribution on cadet outings.

The S-5 is the Public Information Officer and is responsible for JROTC public relations with the local communities. This includes coordination with agencies for release of cadet battalion information. The S-5 sits on all committees planning special events to ensure adequate coverage of the events. Other responsibilities include maintenance of the battalion scrapbook, battalion quarterly