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Miller Grove High School

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Culinary Uniform Requirements

MANDATORY Culinary Uniform Information

Miller Grove HS
Culinary Arts Mandatory Supply List 
Spring Semester 2022
Welcome!!! Future Culinarians and Parents,
Here is a list of items REQUIRED to participate in the nationally certified culinary arts program at Miller Grove High School.
Class SUPPLY LIST (Items Needed Daily)
  • Class NoteBook is now ONLINE. Located in TEAMS
  • Pens / Pencils/Paper (to take handwritten notes)
  • Binder (1 inch) - Recipe Files ( Recipe Folder is NOW on TEAMS)
  • DCSD Chrome Books or Electronic Device -(to complete class assignments and to take notes in a digital notebook) 
    DCSD Chrome Books will be heavily utilized in culinary arts class. Therefore, it is MANDATORY for students to sign up and receive their DCSD issued devices or have access to an electronic device. If you need assistance with securing a DCSD device, please visit DCSD Chrome Book.
    Mandatory Uniform Policy
    Students participating in the culinary arts are REQUIRED to wear a uniform for lab participation. This will allow students to be safe in the lab and adhere to business and industry standards. Uniforms can be ordered through the school from January 10-21, 2022 
  • All students are required to wear a full uniform during lab sessions.
    The cost of the culinary uniform is $45-$50 per student.
  • Payments for uniforms can be made online through the school’s WEBSTORE. Click on the attached link: MGHS Webstore
    *Wearing the appropriate shoes ensures the students’ safety in the lab by helping to prevent falls and other foot injuries. Our program at Miller Grove HS is accredited by the Secondary Committee of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission. Therefore we must meet and maintain these guidelines.
    I appreciate your support and look forward to working with you this semester.
    Chef K. Gayden
    Cell #: 678-729-7274
    Email: [email protected]