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Miller Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools

Class Expecations

Success is Possible!  
You can do well in this chemistry class.
Whether you like math or prefer to read, you can be successful.
Whether you usually do well in science or have struggled in the past, you can be successful.

Just commit to abide by the 5 P’s.
Be Prompt, Present, Prepared, Productive, and Polite.

1.  Prompt- be on time for all virtual meeting, synchronous sessions and collaborative activities.

2.  Present- be present in chemistry class every school day.  Never miss a day.

3.  Prepared- attentively read and study all the articles, Infographics, and notes before attempting to complete any assignment or assessments. 

4.  Productive- carefully complete at least one assignment every weekday. Keep up!

5.  Polite- communicate respectfully and professionally with teachers, administrators and peers at all times.