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Miller Grove High School

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         School Year/Semester 2020-2021
Course Name
Environmental Science
Course Code
School Name
Miller Grove High School
Teacher Name
Willa R. McGriff
School Phone Number
(770) 847-0892
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Teacher Website
Course Description:   This course is an in-depth study of environmental science. Topics studied include ecology; effects of natural and human activity on land, water and air; energy resources, human population growth and sustainability
SEV1c: ANALYZE and INTERPRET DATA to CONSTRUCT an argument of the necessity of biogeochemical cycles (hydrologic, nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen, and carbon) to support a sustainable ecosystem.
SEV1d: EVALUATE claims, evidence, and reasoning of the relationship between the physical factors (e.g., insolation, proximity to coastline, topography) and organismal adaptations within terrestrial biomes.
SEV2.OBTAIN, EVALUATE, and COMMUNICATE information to construct explanations of stability and change in Earth’s ecosystems.
SEV2a: ANALYZE and INTERPRET DATA related to short-term and long-term natural cyclic fluctuations associated with climate change.
SEV2b: ANALYZE and INTERPRET DATA to determine how changes in atmospheric chemistry (carbon dioxide and methane) impact the greenhouse effect. 
SEV1. OBTAIN, EVALUATE, and COMMUNICATE INFORMATION to investigate the flow of energy and cycling of
matter within an ecosystem.
SEV2. OBTAIN, EVALUATE, and COMMUNICATE INFORMATION to construct explanations of stability and change
in Earth’s ecosystems.
SEV2d: CONSTRUCT an argument to support a claim about the value of biodiversity in ecosystem resilience
including keystone, invasive, native, endemic, indicator, and endangered species.
SEV3. OBTAIN, EVALUATE, and COMMUNICATE information to evaluate types, availability, allocation, and sustainability of energy resources.
SEV3d: DESIGN and DEFEND a sustainable energy plan based on scientific principles for your location.
SEV4c: CONSTRUCT an argument to evaluate how human population growth affects food demand and food supply (GMOs, monocultures, desertification, Green Revolution).
SEV5d: DESIGN and DEFEND a sustainability plan to reduce your individual contribution to environmental impacts, taking into account how market forces and societal demands (including political, legal, social, and economic) influence personal choices.
Curriculum Overview 
The following academic concepts will be covered. THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Unit 1 – Abiotic Effects
Unit  – 2 -Ecosystems
Unit  – 3- Energy Resources
Unit  – 4- Populations and Human Interactions
 Environmental Science Sustaining Your World
Replacement Cost
Online book and/or resources
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Not Available
GRADING SYSTEM: The DeKalb County School District believes that the most important assessment of student learning shall be conducted by the teachers as they observe and evaluate students in the context of ongoing classroom instruction. A variety of approaches, methodologies, and resources shall be used to deliver educational services and to maximize each student’s opportunity to succeed. Teachers shall evaluate student progress, report grades that represent the student’s academic achievement, and communicate official academic progress to students and parents in a timely manner through the electronic grading portal. See Board Policy IHA.
Formative and Diagnostic Assessments – 0% 
Assessment Tasks (Skills & Homework) – 25% 
Classwork (Guided, Independent, and Group Practice) – 45% 
Quizzes, Tests, and Projects – 30% 
A             90 – 100                               ~P (pass)
B              80 – 89                                 ~(fail)                
C             71 – 79 
D             70 
F              Below 70
*English Learners (ELs) must not receive numerical or letter grades for the core content areas in elementary and middle school during their first year of language development. A grade of CS or CU must be assigned. This rule may be extended beyond the first year with approval from the EL Studies Program. English Learners must receive a grade for ESOL courses.
~Elementary schools will utilize P (pass) and F (fail) in Health/Physical Education, Music, World Languages, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. 
Semester progress reports shall be issued four and a half, nine and thirteen and a half weeks into each semester.  The progress of students shall be evaluated frequently and plans shall be generated to remediate deficiencies as they are discovered. Plans shall include appropriate interventions designed to meet the needs of the students. See Board Policy IH.
Students will not engage in an act of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating, providing false information, falsifying school records, forging signatures, or using an unauthorized computer user ID or password. See the Code of Student Conduct - Student Rights and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook.
Homework assignments should be meaningful and should be an application or adaptation of a classroom experience.  Homework is at all times an extension of the teaching/learning experience.  It should be considered the possession of the student and should be collected, evaluated and returned to the students. See Board Policy IHB.
When a student is absent because of a legal reason as defined by Georgia law or when the absence is apparently beyond the control of the student, the student shall be given an opportunity to earn grade(s) for those days absent. Make-up work must be completed within the designated time allotted. See Board Policy IHEA.
Log into class five minutes before class time. Upon entering the class mute mics and turn on camera. Make sure you are free of distractions and following the dress code. Use the raise your hand button and wait to be called on to make a comment. Participate appropriately during discussions. No cell phone allowed. Recording sessions are not allowed.
Lap top or Chrome book, Pencil/Pen and Paper