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Miller Grove High School

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Advanced Composition

Advanced Composition Course Description

About the Course
A composition is the process of combining elements to form a whole. In this course, we will be using the writing process to combine our parts or elements of written expression to create essays, letters, and other literary works. We will review the grammar and punctuation that you will need to improve your writing and explore examples of good writing. 

As any athlete knows, the only way to improve a particular skill is to practice. After all, the football coach doesn't post the team roster and say, "See you at the game next month!" He has that team practice plays and skills day after day...until they are ready for that Saturday game. 

Our practice is the writing process and the game is your final draft. Let's enjoy the process! Part of learning about what makes a good composition is experiencing good writing. Through this course, you will be reading examples of different types of composition including long non-fiction.